About Us

Hi I’m Lucy Waghorn!  Owner of Waggers Walks and Animal Mad All Weather Girl!


Having spent a lifetime in love with nature and all things great and small, I have turned my passion into my business!


From as young as I can remember, I wanted to be a vet, but as I wasn’t blessed with the brains, I turned my enthusiasm into care and nurture! First hamsters, lastly babies and dogs, dogs, dogs in between!!


As the daughter of a Police Inspector I learnt a healthy respect for German Shepherds, a childhood friend with untreatable Glaucoma, the Labrador, and as a volunteer at Battersea, the sheer dogged determination of the rejected!


Until you have had a dog of your own, like parenthood, no one can prepare you for it!  Nothing can describe that unconditional love and that ‘all knowing look’ a dog has for its owner! Don’t lose or miss out on that!!

If your life changes for the better or worse, or perhaps a new four legged addition to the family, there is experienced help at hand.  I can offer free advice or direct you to a professional pet therapist if needs be! 


At all times your dogs safety is paramount, as is the security of your home.  Being well insured with the use of a combination safe for house keys, and company named dog tags for each walk, will hopefully give you peace of mind.  References too can be obtained on request, and I can personally assure you that over the years I’ve sat, raised and walked for miles!!